IQAC Action PlanIQAC Action Plan

IQACAction Plan (2014-15)

  1. North Bengal University Guidelines/Regulations regarding attendance of classes for filling up forms for University Examination be followed in letter and spirit for all Honours Course students.
  2. For those Honours Course students who will not qualify the (College) Annual Examination, meeting with their guardian be arranged department-wise soon after the publication of results before taking decision relating to their status for the University Examination.
  3. Second Unit of NSS be reintroduced for grooming college students to the social services and for offering extension services to the larger number of community people.
  4. Computerisation/automation of Library including data-entry of books, office works and lending service be emphasised particularly in the new Library building.
  5. Annual Report of the college be published regularly. 
  6. Remedial classes be arranged in a planned and regular manner for the laggard section of students. And such classes may be without additional remuneration to the teachers if there will be no specific fund available from UGC.
  7. Audio-visual method of teaching with the help of projector etc. be made still more frequent. 
  8. The college should uphold the concept of cleanliness within the campus areas and the motto of the college be 'clean campus and green campus'. For this purpose regular cleaning of classrooms, other rooms and campus will be undertaken jointly by the students, staff members and alumni. 
  9. Inter-departmental sharing of academic knowledge be promoted. For this purpose, traditional boundaries of respective disciplines be overcome by the involvement of faculty members as by assigning/engaging them on non-traditional domain. 
  10. Model Exhibition be held by each department during Annual Cultural function on the event/issue of their choice. Each department will display its exhibition by setting up stall and after the judgement to be made by the external members prizes be awarded. 
  11. Resource mobilization from external sources should receive due and immediate emphasis.